Montag, 22. November 2010

So klappt es morgen mit dem Lanvin-H&M-Kleiderkrieg!

In US-Blogs werden schon verschiedene Strategien diskutiert, wie man am besten morgen bei der H&M-Lanvin-Sause die besten Teile abgreifen kann. Ich will euch das natürlich nicht vorenthalten. Also: Noch kurz studieren und dann am besten gleich ins Bett. Morgen müsst ihr früh aufstehen, wenn ihr zu den 320 Auserwählten zählen wollt, die zuerst in den Shop dürfen...

1) Get there early (of course!!!)

2) If you want sunglasses, they are in the men's section. Grab them, because they were the first thing to sell out!

3) Bring a friend, so you can strategize. One person can start on one side of the store and grab sizes for you and for herself.

4) Bring a backpack or hands-free bag. So you can GRAB GRAB GRAB! The 15 minutes in the exclusive area is for grabbing stuff, but you can take all the time you want to in the dressing room.

5) Bring something to sit on for the line, like a small pillow or a blanket. You will be tired after standing for 5 hours.

6) Choose an H&M close to a 24-hour restaurant that has a bathroom.

7) If you go to the flagship H&M, there might be more things, but prepare for a bigger crowd. If you go to a lesser known H&M, they will probably still carry most of the collection, and you'll probably be earlier in line.

8) Bundle up if it's cold! It sucks to wait outside for 5 hours in the cold. But prepare to have a bag big enough for you to stick your jacket in.

9) Wear comfortable shoes so you can run from rack to rack.

10) Sizes run a little bit smaller than usual h&m, so grab your regular size and a size bigger.

11) Around 6am they will pass out the wristbands. Make sure you are there! Don't try to go grab food at this time! They also passed out coffee and croissants to the line.
When it is your time, you can push your way to the front of the queue inside the store, even if there are lots of people lined up inside.

12) The Tshirts are pretty good, if you are into Lanvin Tshirts. Shoes aren't that great, looks like the rhinestones could fall off.

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